Morphett Electorate Survey

I am always interested in hearing your views so I can better represent you in Parliament. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on the following issues. Please feel free to add extra comments or ideas.

1. What is your No. 1 concern today?

2. Have you recently experienced problems with the public health system or been on a public hospital waiting list for elective surgery for more than 12 months?

3. Do you think the State Government should build an underpass/overpass at the Oaklands Railway Crossing/ Morphett Road/Diagonal Road intersection?

4. Do you support the sale of alcohol in supermarkets?

5. In relation to voluntary euthanasia, do you?

6. Are you in favour of legalising same sex marriage?

7. Do you agree with decriminalising prostitution?

8. Are hoons doing burnouts or speeding vehicles a regular problem in your neighbourhood?

9. Would you use public transport more often if park and ride facilities were locally available?

10. Has your emergency services levy gone up this year?


11. Do you think the Government should be spending more money on road maintenance?

12. Do you support more bicycle lanes on main roads?

13. Any other comments?

(This question is optional)

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