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False alarms risk lives, cost thousands

Faulty fire alarms are placing patients in South Australia’s metropolitan hospitals at serious risk with 245 false call outs in the last nine months.

Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) statistics reveal that hospital fire alarms have been activated for reasons other than fire, raising serious concerns about their effectiveness.

The MFS has collected $89,000 in fees for the false calls out, although this did not even cover the costs of their services.

Hospital (Non-Fire) Alarm activations
Royal Adelaide Hospital  91
North Western Adelaide Health Services  17
Queen Elizabeth Hospital  32
Women & Children’s Hospital 19
Flinders Medical Centre 47
Repatriation General Hospital 39








Shadow Health Minister Duncan McFetridge said that Labor should not be compromising on patient safety.

“Labor has a responsibility to establish and maintain an effective fire alarm system in our hospitals and to ensure the safety and well being of patients and their families,” Dr McFetridge said.

“If alarms are falsely activating there are also serious concerns about whether they will actually work in the event of a fire and I am calling on the Minister to swiftly resolve this problem.

“If a fire broke out in the hospital and there is not an adequate warning, those who are seriously ill or cannot walk properly could die.

“Labor is also wasting taxpayers’ valuable money which could be better spent on our ailing health system.

“It is vital that an effective fire safety system is maintained in our hospitals, but with our health system in crisis it appears this lazy Labor Government is too busy fighting between themselves to focus on the safety of South Australians.”

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