Friday, 14 November 2014 16:39

Holdfast Bay pays ESL with 115% increase

Ratepayers will no doubt be the ones to pay for the savage 115 per cent increase in ESL which has been sent to the City of Holdfast Bay by Revenue SA, Member for Morphett Dr Duncan McFetridge said.

“The levy this year has been billed at $90,813.45, an increase of $48,518.70 from last year’s levy of $42,294.75,” Dr McFetridge said.

“This is a double blow for household budgets, as families have to pay their own ESLs as well as bear the bill cost to their local council.

“This State Labor Government is grabbing money wherever it can squeeze a cent and is not considerate of people’s hardship at all. The ESL hike of the Weatherill Government is having more than just a dent on the family budget; it is also going to reduce services for families at the community level,” Dr McFetridge said.

“Non-Government-Organisations, charities, sports groups and other small community organisations will have to find the money from somewhere and this goes back to the local community using the services,” he said.

“It has been reported in the media that many households have not paid their ESL and the State Government plans to prosecute about 15,000 non-payers - honest, law abiding citizens who simply cannot affording the fees.

“South Australians deserve better and Local Government Minister Geoff Brock needs to speak out about this government’s unjust levy which is simply ‘highway robbery’ that is now impacting on local government services.”

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