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SA Parliament Should Accept Electronic Petitions

pen signingThousands of people have signed electronic petitions generated on the internet and social media, expressing their democratic voice, not realising that their signatures are not formally recognised by Australia’s Parliamentary system.

Dr Duncan McFetridge MP, Member for Morphett, today announced he is driving a campaign to have the parliamentary system changed to allow electronic petitions to be accepted by the South Australian Parliament.

“Thousands of South Australians and Australians regularly sign electronic petitions generated from internet sites such as change.org.

“But what people don’t know is that electronic petitions are not recognised by our parliamentary process and cannot be presented to either the State or Federal Parliaments. 

“Although such internet petitions often gain media attention and thousands of signatures for many worthy causes and concerns, electronic petitions are often ignored by elected representatives and Parliamentary Leaders as they are not able to be accepted by Parliament.

“Technology and social media is now an integral part of today’s society and our democratic process needs to change to accept the evolution in the way community values and concerns are expressed. 

“Like it or not, our community has changed and people are now voicing their concerns through a wide variety of technological mediums.

“The United Kingdom’s Parliament has responded to the growth in demand for internet and social media campaigning by allowing British citizens and UK residents to create or sign electronic petitions which can be presented to the UK Parliament.

“I would like to see the same process here in South Australia,” said Dr McFetridge.

Dr McFetridge has written to the SA Parliament’s Standing Orders Committee requesting that a similar system to the UK model be introduced here in South Australia. 

If you want to join in the campaign to have electronic petitions accepted by the SA Parliament you will need to download a hard copy of my petition, get signatures and then forward them to my Electorate Office at 4 Byron Street, Glenelg.


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