Friday, 11 August 2017 00:00

Call to Cancel Commuter Chaos

The Independent Member for Morphett, Duncan McFetridge, is calling on the Department of Transport to stop the peak hour bus lane trial on Anzac Highway due to increased traffic gridlock.

“The State Government started a six month trial of set back bus lanes between South Road and Greenhill Road as an attempt to move traffic more quickly in the morning peak hour.  Unfortunately the trial has produced more chaos than calmness”, said Dr McFetridge.

“I have been getting a lot of complaints since the trial started about the increased traffic gridlock and driver frustration".


“I have lobbied Transport Minister Mullighan and hopefully the Department will see the result of the trial as being not what was hoped for and they will return Anzac Highway to the more free flowing three lanes.

“We all want people to use public transport but not all people find it fits with their plans so now the Government will have to rethink the issues.

“My constituents respect the idea but resent the outcome and we need the trial to be stopped as soon as possible.”

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