About Duncan

I have been married to Johanna for over forty years. We have two fabulous adult children, Lachlan and Sahra. Lachlan is married to Sonny. Johanna was a Dental Therapist and now manages her farm, Lachlan is a doctor, Sonny is a Mechanical Engineer and Sahra is a veterinarian. Johanna and I now have a wonderful granddaughter Lily and grandson Harry.

I grew up in Elizabeth and Salisbury; my dad was a Fireman and mum was a Primary School Teacher. I completed fifth year at Salisbury High and went to Teachers College. I taught for four years, teaching woodwork and metalwork at Port Augusta High and Minlaton High. In 1979 my family and I moved to Perth where I studied Veterinary Science. I graduated in 1982 and worked in a racehorse practice and then for an airline flying horses and other livestock around Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Unfortunately the airline business collapsed and so with no job and a young family Johanna & I moved back home to S.A., where we again started from scratch. We borrowed from the bank (remember the hard Labor days of 23% on the overdraft and 17% on the house mortgage) we lived in a large tin shed for about eighteen months and with a lot of hard work we built up a very successful Veterinary Practice in the Chandlers Hill/Happy Valley area. I was on the local High School Council and was also Captain of the Happy Valley Country Fire Service when we lived at Happy Valley. Today we enjoy what we consider to be one of the best lifestyles in the world here in Morphett.

Having raised a family, run a business and worked long, long hours I know I have the right background to contribute in a meaningful way to help the people of Morphett. My particular interests are in the areas of transport, social development, primary industry and sustainable development for industry. I have taught in schools and run a medical (Veterinary) practice so I realise the demands in these areas and the huge financial inputs required to keep health and education in pace with community needs. I am aware of the real fear in some sections of our community and of the need to maintain strong law and order policy.

I remember what it was like to struggle to pay the bills, not to be wasteful and to live within your means. I want to continue to make South Australia an even better place to live and work, for all South Australians.

Dr Duncan McFetridge
BSc(Vet), BVMS, BSc(Ag), DipT(sec.) MP JP

Current Community Activities

Patron/Vice Patron of:

  • Glenelg Surf Life Saving Club
  • Somerton Surf Life Saving Club
  • Glenelg Baseball Club
  • Metropolitan Show Jumping Club (SA) (life member)
  • Glenelg Contract Bridge Club
  • Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal - Holdfast Bay (Chairman)

Member of:

  • Somerton Park Rotary Club (Honorary Member)
  • Glenelg Football Club
  • Royal Association of Justices
  • Holdfast & Districts Justices Group
  • Vietnam Veterans' Association of Australia (SA Branch) (Honorary Member)
  • Country Fire Service (Life Member)
  • Adelaide Airport Consultative Committee

Participating in the 2009 Home Show - "What's Cooking in Parliament" cook-off.

I cooked Meadows Pepper Yabbies (based on Singapore Pepper Crab) - here is my recipe

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