Friday, 27 June 2008 23:24

Speed Cameras

More than 1.38 million South Australians – almost the entire population of the State – have been fined for speeding over the past six years. Since 2002, revenue from fines has increased by 70 per cent.

In 2002, 197,400 drivers were fined for speeding. Last year it was 272,500 – a staggering 38 per cent increase. The biggest rise was those caught speeding between 60-69km/h. That has climbed from 1515 offences in 2002 to more than 100,800 last year – a 6500 per cent increase!

Whilst I do not condone speeding or breaking the law, uncertainty over the accuracy of speed cameras and laser guns is causing potentially thousands of motorists to be unfairly fined. Motorists caught inadvertently driving 1 or 2km over the limit are not the same as drivers who deliberately endanger lives with their reckless behaviour on the road. You can read my media release on this website for full details and exact figures.


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