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We are dementia-friendly



Statement of Commitment


Dr Duncan McFetridge and staff of the Morphett Electorate Office make the commitment to work towards being a dementia-friendly office. In making this commitment, we acknowledge and agree that;

- We will involve people with dementia in the process of becoming dementia-friendly
- We value people living with dementia and aim to support social inclusion in our business operations
- We will strive to create broader awareness of dementia amongst our staff
- We will support staff to receive dementia awareness training
- We will review our current practices and make changes to be more dementia-friendly
- We will work towards implementing the dementia-friendly strategies provided by Alzheimer’s Australia
- We will also identify and develop strategies that are tailored specifically for our office that align with the dementia-friendly principles
- We will follow the guidelines for the use of the dementia-friendly symbol
- This is a genuine commitment to social change and we will continue to review our activities to achieve this dementia-friendly goal.

Dementia Friendly

Left to Right, Michael Groth, National Pharmacies, Glenelg Kathryn Quintel, CEO, Alzheimer's Australia SA and Dr. Duncan McFetridge MP


If you would like more information on how to become a dementia friendly organisation, please contact: 
Julie Clifford
Dementia Friendly Communities and Volunteering project Officer
Alzheimer's Australia SA
Tel:  08 8372 2100
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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