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Cummins House

Cummins House is located at 23 Sheoak Avenue, Novar Gardens and was built in 1842 as the home for Sir John Morphett who was a South Australian Colonist of Distinction.  Sir John Morphett's mother (formerly Mary Gliddon) spent her childhood on the family farm called "Cummins" near Exeter in Devon, after which the family home in Novar Gardens was named.

As part of the South Australian History Trust's annual History Week, on 24th May 2009 the friends of Cummins House organised special celebrations to honour the 200th birthday of Sir John Morphett (born 4th May 1809).  Although it was raining and too wet for the planned horse and carriage rides, around 350 attended the Open Day.  Here are some pictures taken on the day:

Cummins House Open Day







Cummins House Drawing Room


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