Electorate Map

2018 Morphett Electoral Boundaries


For the next State Election on 17 March 2018, Morphett will take in the suburbs of Novar Gardens, Camden Park, Plympton Park, Park Holme and the portion of Plympton on the western side of Marion Road, as well as the remainder of Somerton Park north of Oaklands Road which is currently in Bright.  The new boundaries will take effect from the issuing of the writs, expected to be early 2018.





Current Morphett electorate boundaries

These are the current Morphett electorate boundaries which are effective until the writs are issued for the 2018 State Election.  At that time, the suburbs of Glenelg North and West Beach will move into the electorate of Colton and the streets in Somerton Park, from the southern side of Whyte Street, will move into the newly created electorate of Gibson.


Morphett boundaries 2014-1


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