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Rail Electrification

South Australia's public transport system is undergoing a major overhaul to transform Adelaide's public transport network into a state-of-the-art modern, sustainable system providing faster, more frequent and efficient services for commuters.

Brand new trains are being built, for use on our newly electrified Seaford (formerly Noarlunga) and Tonsley lines, and on the Gawler line from Adelaide to Dry Creek.

The first of our new Bombardier Class 4000 A-City electric trains will start arriving this year. The first electric services are scheduled to commence on the Seaford line in early 2014.

In September 2013 the Seaford line will re-open and diesel trains will provide passenger services while extensive testing of the new A-City electric trains and driver training is undertaken.

The countdown to the introduction of electric services has well and truly begun and soon electricty will be connected to the overhead wires. A program of training and testing between Seaford and Hallett Cove Beach is currently underway.

The overhead wires and attachments within the rail corridor will carry 25,000 volts of electricity. The system is designed, installed and maintained so that ordinary behaviour by the public will not pose a risk of injury. Like overhead wires on the stobie poles on our street, the railway wires are only dangerous if misused or interfered with.

As with all rail networks, safety is paramount.

These are the key safety precautions:

  1. The overhead wires and their fittings should be treated as being live and carrying electric current at all times - treat them like you would regular powerlines running over the street.
  2. The overhead wires supply Adelaide's new electric railcars with 25,000 volts of electricty.
  3. You must keep clear, and keep children clear of all structures within the railway corridor or between fences at all times. The area within the rail corridor should be considered dangerous.
  4. Trucks need to ensure they do not exceed height limits when crossing under electrified wires.
  5. Only access stations or cross railway lines via designated overpasses and pedestrian walkways.

For further information about the electrification project and the introduction of Adelaide's first electric trains, can be obtained by:
Telephoning: 1800 644 735
Emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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