Tuesday, 04 November 2014 15:47

Are You Confused About Recycling?

While recycling is taken seriously in the community, there is still confusion as to what to recycle and what not to.

A survey undertaken by Planet Ark shows that more than half of the participants did not know what can and can’t be recycled. National Recycling Week, held 10 - 16 November, aims to highlight these issues.

According to Planet Ark about 94% of Australians have access to recycling services.  Despite this, tonnes of potentially recyclable material still finds its way into landfill each year.

Planet Ark’s social research into the recycling knowledge and actions of Australians reveals that:

• 91% of respondents think that recycling is the right thing to do;

• more than half (54%) incorrectly think that aerosol cans cannot be recycled, with 44% wrongly believing cans will explode when recycled; and

• one in four sometimes put plastic bags into the kerbside recycling bin.


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