Morphett Newsletters and Electorate Information

Newsletters and Electorate Information



Newsletters to the electorate are just one way of keeping in touch with the electors of Morphett. As your State Member of Parliament, I am available to advise and assist constituents on matters of concern in relation to State Government matters and local issues. Please contact my office and make an appointment to see me or write me a letter or email if you have concerns you wish to raise with me.

Are you enrolled to Vote?

It is compulsory to enrol to vote as soon as Australians turn 18 years of age. Many 18 year olds are not enrolled and most 17 year olds do not realise that they can enrol so they are ready to vote in elections once they turn 18 (these are known as Provisional Voters).

You must also complete a new enrolment form if you have changed your address, even within the same electorate. If you, or anyone you know, has not yet enrolled or updated their details please encourage them to do so.

Enrolment forms are available online from the Australian Electoral Commission at or you can call in to my office at 4 Byron Street to collect one or phone my office on 8294 6711 for a form to be sent out.

Please click here to open a PDF version of my latest newsletter:

Please click here to open a PDF version of my latest newsletter: