Parliamentary Committees

It was my pleasure to be on the select committee to inquire into the future of jumps racing in South Australia. As a veterinary surgeon, I have been involved with the issues of animal welfare for many years. I have worked in racehorse practice and in sports horse practice, with show jumping and eventing, so I have experienced the very highs and the very lows of these industries, yet animal welfare has always been a top consideration not only for me as a veterinary surgeon but also for the owners and associates of the horses involved.

In 2013, I was a member of the Select Committee of the South Australian Parliament undertaking a review of the Retirement Villages Act 1987.  The Act provides a balance between the rights and responsibilities of residents, retirement villages and administering authorities. 

I was pleased to be a member of the Select Committee on Dogs and Cats as Companion Animals during 2013.  The role of this Committee was to investigate and report on the legislative and regulatory management of companion animals (dogs and cats).  The Committee examined ways to decrease the number of unwanted animals being euthanised and to ensure that animals are treated humanely.