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Select Committee on Dogs and Cats as Companion Animals

I was pleased to be a member of the Select Committee on Dogs and Cats as Companion Animals during 2013.  The role of this Committee was to investigate and report on the legislative and regulatory management of companion animals (dogs and cats).  The Committee examined ways to decrease the number of unwanted animals being euthanised and to ensure that animals are treated humanely. 

As a Veterinarian, I was pleased to represent the Liberal Party on the Committee and was actively involved in seeking views and also in drafting the recommendations which culminated in the tabling of our Final Report on 3 July 2013.  The report identified eleven recommendations that aim to:

a) improve welfare standards for the breeding of companion animals; b) increase purchaser confidence in the humane sourcing of their companion animals; c) reduce the number of surrendered animals and by extension, euthanasia numbers; and d) increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and owner responsibilities.

I believe we are making real progress in not only stamping out puppy farms but all unethical breeding of dogs and cats and the input of those who made submissions will be taken into consideration as the Parliament determines how to improve standards in this area.

A copy of the Select Committee’s report can be found on this link -

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